Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday's Daily Brief: HuffPost and Freakonomics, George Zimmerman Released, Walmart Probe

Monday, April 23, 2012
Arianna Huffington: Our culture has a way of collectively falling into the groove of conventional wisdom, whether that means seeing everything through the outdated prism of left vs. right or willfully blinding ourselves to unpleasant or inconvenient facts. So, I'm delighted that today HuffPost Business is presenting a video collaboration (freakoration?) with Stephen Dubner, co-author of Freakonomics and Super Freakonomics. Dubner brings his trademark humor, willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, and passion for starting conversations to three very different topics, and in doing so, reinforces two very important truths. First, that the forces influencing our economic life manifest themselves in many unexpected and surprising ways. And second, that conventional wisdom is often dead wrong.
George Zimmerman Released From Florida Jail
Huntsman Slams GOP: 'Is This The Best We Could Do?'
China Seizes 77 Million Capsules In Crackdown Of Tainted Pills
ALEC Hit With Serious Accusation
Mexican Vexation
Marlo Thomas: What You Don't Know About Cancer -- Hope on the Horizon
So this being Cancer Awareness Month, I thought it might make us all sleep a little better to ask some of the top cancer scientists in the country to tell us some things (or even one thing) that makes them optimistic about the ongoing battle with cancer.
Anne Sinclair: The Beginning of the End
The next two weeks will be violent. Nicolas Sarkozy likes a good brawl. And he'll surely enter the ring now that he has nothing to lose. Francois Hollande prefers to avoid conflict, but he'll have to put up a fight, especially against those who say that the chips are down.
Leo W. Gerard: End the Delays Deadly to Workers
Saturday is Workers' Memorial Day, a time devoted to commemorating those killed on the job. No one volunteers to sacrifice their life for corporate profit, yet every day in workplaces across this country, the lives of 12 workers are taken, not given.
Michael Sandel: What Money Can't Buy: The Skyboxification of American Life
At a time of rising inequality, the marketization of everything means that people of affluence and people of modest means lead increasingly separate lives. You might call it the skyboxification of American life. It's not good for democracy, nor is it a satisfying way to live.
Edward Norton: Earth Day 2012: This Isn't About Tree-Hugging Anymore, It's About The Way We Live
My parents' generation sacrificed care-free youth to carry the torch of civil rights and social equality. And now, I feel confident saying that my generation has accepted the environmental movement as our cause and that we are ready to rise to the challenge.

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