Friday, April 20, 2012

My Flight Simulator Review I am a big fan of the flight simulator games.

This is the best game the gaming world has offered to its players.

It is so close to the real world that often the players get confused with the real flying and the 3D effects.

When I first played the simulator, I got so carried away with the adventure of flying, that I got confused whether I was just playing a game or was flying in reality.

If you will look at the flight simulator review, you will see that the game has not changed much over the years.

It follows the footsteps of its predecessors when it comes to core game play and makes it better with new options like: accessories, features, controls, aircrafts, sceneries, airports, etc.

to compete with other games in the gaming world.

Flight simulator review also reveals that the simulator games have been keeping up with the changes in the aviation scene.

It has become so efficient that now the aviation industry is using it for training its crew.

They give training to the new pilots as well as update the existing crew with the current techniques and developments in the aircrafts.

The flight simulator also helps the pilots to take a detailed look at the machinery, documentation and functioning of the aircrafts.

It also gives knowledge about the route and how to read the maps, keeping the directions in mind.

When I used the flight simulator for the first time, I was asked to read the instruction carefully before starting the flight which made me feel that the site are so helpful and care for the players safety.

Therefore, if you talk about my flight simulator review, I would say it is the best game ever had on the computers.

It is very entertaining and also helpful for those who wish to take flying the aircrafts as a career.

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