Sunday, April 15, 2012

Photoshop Basics

My sister recently took a leap of faith and invested in Photoshop. With the belief that it would make things easier with her photos, she had planned this purchase into her budget, saving the extra dollar here and there. Now she would be only a few simple clicks and changes away from being practically a professional photographer. She was so excited at the idea of sending out the perfect pictures to friends and family. I'm sure you can imagine her dismay and frustration at how much she had to learn to reach her goal. Once you have the software, what exactly do you do with it to maximize results?

As with anything new, there will be an adjustment period of trial and error to realize all of the potential of the software and its feature awaiting your command. Explore what Photoshop has to offer and experiment with the tools at hand. Expand you knowledge by reading information and tips you can find on the program taking advantage of tutorials. Many are available online for review. Practice, practice and more practice will help you develop the basics and in time amazing graphics and photos will become second nature making you the envy of those you share them with.

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