Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Physical Movement Can Make Wonders for Asthma Sufferers

Physical activity is one of the main factors which can keep the body in good shape and maintain the organism's health. There are many benefits associated with physical exercises, yet for asthmatics making exercises on a regular basis has become similar to torture. Many people suffering of asthma are afraid of making any type of movement for fear of not having an asthma attack.

Yet, in spite of their fear, physical exercises are highly recommended in asthma treatment, as it decreases the amount of fat deposits (where it is necessary) and it increases the cardio-respiratory fitness, which contributes to a better breathing. Thus, all asthma sufferers which want to become independent of their inhalers must start making physical movement.

Those people who have not done any type of physical exercise before, should start by making only moderate movement, for a short period of time. They can start by exercising only 20 minutes per day, three days a week and gradually increase the time they dedicate to this activity to 30 or even 50 minutes every day for 3 up to five days per week. Ideally, each asthmatic should do at least half an  hour of physical exercise each and every day. This will enable them to breathe better and will significantly lower their asthma attacks.

There are three ways through which an asthmatic can start making physical movement. First alternative is that of hiring a personal trainer who will design a program of exercises especially for you. Also, because on a specified period you will have to meet your trainer, you will be more determined to go on with the program, than if you do it at home by yourself.

Those who are not disturbed by the people around have the alternative of purchasing a monthly membership at one of the many gyms from nearby. This will offer them the possibility of interacting with people, which will boost the asthmatic's moral and will make them feel more confident.

Lastly, those who do not feel like getting out of the house can buy their own equipment and exercise at home, yet in order to make sure that your asthma is alleviated, the exercises must be done constantly. Also, they can be combined with proper diet for more effective results.

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