So what is the big event? Do you need a cocktail dress for a company party? Maybe you need a pretty summer dress for a wedding? How about a gorgeous ball gown for a black tie benefit? No matter what the occasion shopping for appropriate evening wear is always a challenge. You can spend all day in every mall within an hour of your house and feel as if you are never going to find the right outfit, dress, or whatever it is you need. Finding the right plus size evening wear can be even more challenging. The selection is more limited and the dresses always seem to be so much less attractive.

I have looked at some of this stuff and wondered what the designers were thinking when they allowed their dresses to be made in such large sizes. I mean everyone knows that a style and or pattern that looks good on a 5'4" woman who weights 110 pounds is not going to look as good on a woman that wears a much bigger size. Ruffles around the hips and chest are not good things for larger people unless of course they are interested in looking as large as possible.

Every time I go to an event I see an unfortunate soul wearing something that would be terribly trendy on a much smaller woman but does nothing but show the larger woman at a severe disadvantage. I mean we all want to look our best right? Especially when we are at large functions. So why is it that there seems to be such a lack or beautiful plus size evening wear? Not to sound insensitive but it isn't exactly like the United States is lacking in plus size people. You would think there would be more clothes designed to cater to them.