Sunday, April 15, 2012


"Stupid boys!" Mallory was furious as she got in the car after school. "Stupid, stupid boys!" Mallory, all grown-up in tenth grade, is usually a pretty tough customer. It takes a lot to make her mad, and it takes even more to make her furious as she was as she hurled her backpack across the car and sat there fuming. Mallory's cell phone rang insistently. "See?!" she looked at me. "Those stupid boys have been doing that all day!" Two of Mallory's goofier classmates relentlessly had prank-called her all day long. Now that she's in high school, Mallory does not want me to fight her battles for her, but she doesn't mind a few tools and pointers. When we got home that afternoon, I went directly to the reverse phone look-up service, typed-in the numbers from Mallory's cell, and up came the boys' names and addresses. "I knew it was them!" Mallory was mad as a wet cat. I took a couple more steps for my daughter's protection and my own peace of mind. First, I called and changed her cell number—easy enough. Then, I went back to the reverse phone look-up service, and I requested privacy protection for all of our information—house phone, cell phones, e-mails, everything. No access for anyone; all denied. That put a stop to the calls. But I knew we weren't quite finished. Later that evening, as Mallory did her homework upstairs in her bedroom, I made a call of my own. Using the information from the reverse phone look-up service, I called those "stupid, stupid boys'" mothers. The reverse telephone number look-up service helps keep my family safe.

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