Sunday, April 15, 2012

Revealed: The Empires and Allies Guide All The Pro’s Are Using

If you love playing Empires and Allies and you're hooked already then you're probably itching for something that'll help you make more Empire points and energy a lot more quickly. After all, who doesn't want to reach the highest level and build the best empire possible?

Well, there have been a bunch of new guides released which are claiming to do just that. But are they any good? And should you get one?

The answer is simple. If you love playing Empires and Allies and don't like waiting around, then yes. Because the only other way would be to buy empire points every time you ran out, and that simply isn't practical given how expensive it is!

My favourite Empires and Allies guide is by Empires and Allies Secrets. Not only do they show you how to make tons of points and energy, but you are also given access to the fastest leveling path and all the top methods and strategies used by the pros to build the best empire possible. In short, if you want to dominate Empires and Allies, you can't go wrong with this guide.

I almost forgot, a lot of people have asked me on Facebook for cheats after seeing my empire. Apparently they think the only way to reach my level is by cheating! I've said this to them before and I'll say it again, it simply is not possible to cheat in Empires and Allies. The games makers have made it 100% cheat proof. If there was a way to cheat, then it would spread like wildfire on Facebook and the game would collapse. It hasn't, because there isn't any cheats and there never will be!


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