Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some Notes on Adobe CS4

Adobe has officially announced the release of Creative Suite 4 via a streaming webcast. Adobe CS4, which shipped out in October, has been being hailed as "Adobe's biggest software release to date."

I've been playing with some of the CS4 betas since early summer and I tend to agree that the Macromedia products are now much more tightly integrated (at least on the Fireworks and Dreamweaver side, I haven't used the Flash CS4 beta) with the rest of the Adobe suite. When I was watching the webcast I was surprised by the focus on performance improvements and cross-product integration.

On the performance side, I found that the GPU acceleration rumors for Photoshop CS4 are a reality. What was surprising to me was that despite the all the commotion I had read about regarding the lack of 64-bit support for the Mac version of Photoshop CS4, all of the demonstrations for the webcast were performed on a Mac. The representative from Adobe worked on a 2 GB 400 megapixel file, demonstrating how easy it was to zoom in and out, and rotate the image without any delays or reduction in speed.

So, 32-bit or not, graphic design shops using Macs that have powerful systems can easily benefit from the speed improvements to Photoshop.

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