Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SWTOR Leveling Guide

The long history between two opposing forces, the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic, goes back over three thousand years. At that time, the Empire first emerged and gained a following large enough to challenge the Republic. Years of combat on various planet systems followed, with an eventual treaty that ended the war but not the enmity felt by both sides. In the years since the Treaty of Coruscant was signed, the Empire and Republic have struggled to maintain a peaceful relationship and the two factions have reached a point where war may be the only option.This is the volatile setting that players find themselves in upon starting their epic Star Wars The Old Republic journey, and they will soon find that their decisions directly affect the progression of the storyline, possibly deciding the fate of the Star Wars universe.

When starting a new character, players have the ability to choose between the Empire and the Republic, with each side also offering four unique classes. The leveling process itself is filled with many interesting elements. Quests have been given the name "missions", and all missions contribute to the SWTOR storyline. Missions for specific classes help explain the story surrounding each class, while group missions are also available for groups of players to accomplish together. The leveling process is made much easier by the existence of a helpful user interface displaying missions, tutorials, and the ever-important experience bar. The map is also a great tool for use during missions. After leaving the starting areas, Flashpoints (often referred to as dungeons) become available, in which players must complete difficult challenges as part of a group. Companions can make the leveling process much easier, as they can craft and gather items for players, even if the players are located on other planets. Space combat is also a process unique to Star Wars The Old Republic, and offers players the option of investigating different planet systems while actively participating in space travel. Starting players should keep in mind that joining a guild can also provide great benefits, such as better coordination in Flashpoints and later raids, and help with professions. The wealth of content and vast expanse of the beautiful Star Wars universe will certainly warrant further research by the player before making important decisions.

When beginning a new MMORPG, a leveling guide is always a very helpful tool. Leveling guides can provide information on quest givers, the order of quests in questline, and tips on how to level more efficiently. Leveling guides are definitely not limited to just leveling, and many have important information for players looking for help with end-game content. Information on abilities, Flashpoints, and raids are also provided in many leveling guides. When choosing a SWTOR leveling guide, the best option for all players, both new and further along in their journey, is SWTOR Savior. This guide contains the most up-to-date details on the leveling process while also including the best information for players who are close to or have already reached the level cap.


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