Sunday, April 8, 2012

Three Easy Ways to Grow Your Mafia in Mafia Wars

Warcraft Mafia Wars is a game about many things, but first and foremost among those things is the importance of growing your Mafia. If you're not able to build a large enough group of fellow players to use in the game, you're going to find it very hard to acquire the resources and complete the jobs necessary to stay on top. So, what are the best ways to grow that mafia and take control? Here are three highly effective ways to make it happen without having to spend a single Godfather Point.

1. Networking on Facebook

Facebook and MySpace are already huge social networks and if you have a few hundred friends, use them. Send out invitations to everyone on your friend list to join your mafia, regardless of how well you know them (steer clear of your co-workers and boss though if you have work connections). Most people will just say yes and if they already have their account, they'll reciprocate. Don't waste time by not using the tools already in front of you.

2. Forums and Chatrooms

Alternately, you can find plenty of social venues where you can discuss the game and find people willing to swap places with you in each other's mafias. This is a prime way to start building up your mafia size without having to spend any additional points or make new friends. You don't need to stay social to keep you mafia size up, so just find a few people willing to take the rewards you give them and you should be good.

3. Blogging and Craigslist

If you have a blog or are well known somewhere, use that prestige to gather new members. A simple note on your blog about needing new family members will often times take care of the problem all by itself. Alternately, you can post an ad on Craigslist and ask people to join up (it does actually work). Just make sure you don't give away any personal information until you have checked out the people who reply.

If you use the tools that the Internet provides you for free, you'll quickly find that it takes very little time or effort to boost your position on Mafia Wars with a full family of 500. It might seem like a stretch, but in just a few weeks you can be one of those top level players too.


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