Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Truth About IWinButtons WoW Guide

World of Warcraft, even after the streamlining of a number of game mechanics following the release of the Cataclysm expansion, is a highly demanding game. Some of the best rewards and the most fun in the game is to be had from some of the intensest action as well – raiding, heroic dungeons, and PvP, whether in the form of battlegrounds or arenas.
In these situations, you simply won't get as much enjoyment out of the game if your character isn't competent to hold their own. Everyone hates being the DPS at the bottom of the chart or the guy in Arathi Basin who has three times as many deaths on the scoreboard as anyone else.
IWinButtons – A Definitive Guide to Macros and Keybinds, is a brand new guide which sets out to spearhead a new type of game aid: one that will let you work out the specific keybindings and macros you should use for your character to hone their effectiveness to levels you had previously only known by seeing the mysterious effectiveness of competitors or opponents.
The truth about the IWinButtons WoW guide is that it succeeds admirably at what it sets out to do, and is a great resource for anyone who wants to boost their DPS, enter arenas with a chance of winning, heal much more effectively, tank heroic dungeons or raids successfully even against the most powerful bosses, and make far greater contributions to battleground victories. The level of detail and breadth of information the guide presents – all in a clear, easy to use format – truly deserves the title "definitive".
IWinButtons offers macros that will give your character lightning quick, deadly moves in PvP, increase your PvE damage by speeding up your reaction times and streamlining your rotations for maximum efficiency, help with healing, and generally use your spells and abilities in a logical, swift succession rather than slowly and haphazardly. Speed and organization are key to World of Warcraft success in combat situations, and IWinButtons does a fine job of educating you in how to make use of macros and keybindings to gain them.
The macros and keybindings offered were clearly chosen very carefully from among the best that experienced raiders and PvPers make use of. The chaff has been winnowed out, leaving only the "grain" – delicious, effective methods that actually work in game. Setting up your character with the included macros will help to transform them from a clumsy second stringer into one of the champions of Azeroth.
There is so much juicy material here that both novices and veterans will find plenty of ideas to improve their game, regardless of their exact interests in PvE or PvP. Finally, the IWinButtons guide is great if you are rolling an alt of a class you've never played before, since good keybindings will make the learning curve shorter and easier for you, letting you focus on the fun.


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