Sunday, April 8, 2012

Very Nice – The Black Ink Project 2.0 Packaged As Software

Here's a nice development for the Black Ink Project. Someone has taken Jeremy Palmer's concepts for putting together a profitable affiliate review site, and turned them into  that pumps out a fully-formed mini review site.

If you've heard of Jeremy Palmer you probably know that he's a super affiliate who brings in over a million dollars a year promoting other people's products. In mid-2008 he launched a series of free video sessions that detail what it takes to put together a profitable affiliate web site. He called this The Black Ink Project 1.0 and then he ran an encore project named, you guessed it, Black Ink 2.0

The goal of Black Ink 2.0 was to follow Jeremy's progress as he put together a mini review site, from building wire frames for the site, to crowdsourcing the graphical design, to outsourcing the backend code to run the thing. The budget for this was about $1000, and that's what he ended up spending. It also took more than six weeks to implement.

As all of this was happening, it occurred to one of the Black Ink 2.0 followers that it would be handy to have a piece of software that could immediately deploy a mini review site like Jeremy's. It would be a lot easier than having to jump through all the hoops that Jeremy was suggesting. Quicker, a lot less demanding, and way cheaper.

So this guy – his name is Stephen Carter – built one. Turns out he was a master software developer looking at The Black Ink Project as a way of expanding his marketing skills.

Now, there's obviously a lot more to running a successful mini review site than just deploying a piece of software. I guess that's why he wrote an accompanying ebook

But there's definitely some advantage to being able to automate the building of these sites. As anyone who has gone through The Black Ink Project videos is likely to tell you – there's just a heck of a lot to learn before you can turn a profit. Cutting down on expenses just represents a huge advantage to affiliates, especially if you are just starting out and you are strapped for cash.

The thing I found surprising is that Stephen is actually GIVING AWAY a license for his Review Site software with every copy of his ebook.

In my experience, usually when someone is giving away software it means it's not actually something you'd consider paying money for. But then I got a look at the demo, and it COMPLETELY changed my mind.

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