Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday's Daily Brief

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
2.4 Million People Are Victims Of Human Trafficking
Residents Begin Assessing Tornado Damage
Put Down The X-Ray Machine And Back Away
Global Warming Brings More Lyme Disease, Ticks
Sec. Ken Salazar: Toward a More Inclusive America: Telling the Story of Women in America
We need to recognize, interpret, and preserve the stories of women from all walks of life - who may not have gained fame or notoriety - but who have all shaped our history and have made us who we are today as a people.
Sen. Jeff Merkley: The Wild, Off the Mark Arguments Against the Volcker Rule
Big banks are formulating a host of arguments -- wild, off the mark arguments -- aimed at dismantling the Volcker Rule firewall between loan-making, customer-serving banks and high-risk hedge funds.
Anne Sinclair: 2012, Bleak Wilderness
How do we fight abyssal deficits while maintaining employment opportunities? This is the center of all concerns. But instead of trying to answer this question, the presidential contenders are playing an entirely different game.
Amy Siskind: What if Goldman Sachs Was Run by 'Fiona' Blankfein?
The problem of gender imbalance is endemic and our leadership is failing us. Desperately failing us. And here's the startling fact behind the numbers: unless we take action, gender imbalance will only get worse!
Jared Bernstein: The President's Speech and the Ryan Budget: Two Very Alternative Visions
What's the best way to most succinctly describe the president's and the Republicans' competing visions? By examining the role of government. We should do our best to understand what the private market does best and what it does least well.

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