Saturday, April 7, 2012

What your doctor never told you about lasik – The hidden costs of eye surgery

Just like every surgical procedure, there are risks. Although lasik eye surgery is a comparatively low risk procedure, meaning the vast majority of cases are complication-free, there are still complications that happen regularly that you might not be told about.
Most of the problems with LASIK involve healing of the flap. wrinkled flap, growing cells under the flap, etc. Other side effects include:
* Glare
* Seeing halos around images
* Loss of Contrast Sensitivity
* Visual Regression
* Difficulty driving at night
* Fluctuating vision
* Dry eyes
* Vision becoming worsen after 1 week.
Just type in the key words " lasik surgery dangers" and you´ll be surprised how much info there is on the Internet.
Generally most patients are lured into this form of eye surgery by its fallacious cost. They are never told about the veracity of the actual expense in the initial stage. The patients intending to go for the surgery are often led by the nose by greedy doctors who act like true mercenaries and make every possible attempt to make their ends meet.
One should know the ropes well or else repent later when it gets really hard on their pocket. Some doctors even go to the extent of misguiding the patients by giving them a false detail of the cost incurred on surgery which may be actually much more than what they are initially told about. The actual cost of Laser surgery may be around $1500-1700 which might not be an easy sum to shell for most people.
It might even increase by another couple of dollars if you install the latest technology which is the wavefront laser that ensures 99% clarity of vision compared to lasik which ensures only 88% of clarity. The mendacity applied to the charges in order to lure patients disgraces the profession of medical practitioners who are prompted to do this by mere cupidity.
One other important fact that doctors seldom tell you is this: Individuals should not consider LASIK until their eyes have stopped developing and their vision has remained stable for at least one year.


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