Sunday, April 8, 2012

Workout With a Purpose

Anything you do in your life that provides a sense of gratitude and is really worth something is usually done with a sense of purpose behind it. Things of little or no value have no purpose behind them and are literally wasted time you can never get back. For example sitting on couch watching an hour of rerun's you've seen before probably has little or no purpose and most likely doesn't give you any sense of gratitude afterwards. Compare that to spending that same hour doing a workout that builds your muscles, burns fat, improves health, builds your self confidence, your social status, and attracts women.Perfect Body Measurements

The second hour is a much better spent hour than the first. It's a life changing experience, where the first might as well be total regression and the epitome of the word "waste".

When you go to the gym you most likely have at least some sort of plan for the day. Maybe it's just arms today, or a mix of a few muscle groups. You might be doing some conditioning as well. No matter what you are doing on any given day, all of your effort in the gym has to add up to something. And this is where most people fail to have a concise game plan. For example, can you actually define what you want your body to look like in 8 weeks from, or even 4 weeks from now?

Do you expect to see dramatic changes in your muscle mass, or a decrease in your body fat or bodyweight? What about strength?

Having a defined goal to work towards is essential to seeing any progress. It makes each set and rep that more important. It adds value to the ritual of working out and it becomes something more than just a collection of some exercises. With the right program and some clearly defined goals you will literally be sculpting and building yourself into a living breathing work of art that women will adore and men will admire.

There are many things in your life that you can't change, but your body is definitely one that you CAN change. If you neglect it and don't take care of it, other people will recognize that is how you treat yourself and they will do the same. You will most likely only attract other people who treat themselves the same way. On the other hand if you take care of yourself and your body, people will notice and you will immediately attract other people who do the same for themselves.

If you're only going to go around once, you might as well do it with a kick ass body that gets you the attention and admiration of everyone you encounter. You should never settle for anything less.

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