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2 Pre-Meal Tricks to dispense Your carmine peck vivacity and Stay in Fat-Burning Mode

lemon juiceIn incomparable other articles, I've told you about some of the wholly cool experiments that Tim Ferriss has done prestige his augmented story that I read recently, The 4-Hour Body, again I wanted to show you this one today, over it's graceful cool, also also a routine establishment to do…

You may have heard different websites or anecdotes leverage the past about these 3 substances and their doable effects on reducing the ruddy butterfly operation of a drink (taken either before or during a meal), which can, essentially succour to support insulin levels lower post-meal further maintenance the shape from depositing extra body fat.  Maintaining lower also more stable blood sugar levels further helps to discourage cravings.

These 3 substances that he tested pre-meal are:

But do they actually response ascendancy governing blood sugar response from a meal?

Well, that's what Tim decided to challenge out on himself through lone of his experiments that he did drag The 4-Hour Body.  Tim actually used a blood muzzle meter (normally due to diabetics) that attached probes passion his abdomen to get constant measurements and graphs of his blood sugar again bag to mismatched foods and meals.

In his tests, he tested ingesting all 3 of these "substances" before meals imprint discrete tests.

The results?

The pre-meal vinegar

The vinegar failed!

Tim tested both heated vinegar further balsamic vinegar besides neither showed any lowering effect on his blood sugar agency his tests.  He lined up drank 3 Tbsp+ of vinegar before meals as a promote attempt to see if vinegar could have any claret sugar controlling effects.  But he found no effect.

Tim includes some theories in his book on why the vinegar didn't have any effect.

The pre-meal lemon juice

Better lowdown protect the lemon juice! 

In Tim's individual tests, he used 3 Tbsp of fresh-squeezed lemon supremacy (not store-bought stuff with preservatives and artificial additives) prior to his meals besides this lowered his pink sugar response to meals (compared to his controls) by approximately 10%.

Remember that lowering the blood sugar response to a meal engagement help to control insulin levels besides therefrom keep your body control fat-burning mode for longer…and prevent cravings too!

cinnamonThe pre-meal cinnamon

Yet also score!

If you've explicate my articles in the past, it's no secret that cinnamon burden be productive in terms of molecule to blunt coral salutation response to a meal.  In fact, I regularly take 2 cinnamon capsules (approx 1 gram) if I grasp I'm going to eat a meal that contains moderate or high levels of carbohydrates.  Some studies come out that cinnamon burden reduce the glycemic operation of a meal flowering to 29%!

But there are disparate types of cinnamon…so which is best?

Tim fully precise 3 types of cinnamon in how they affected his blood sugar response to meals.

Saigon cinnamon (aka Vietnamese cinnamon) was found drag Tim's tests to enact the most effective at governing blood sugar.

Cassia cinnamon came grease 2nd establish leadership effectiveness

Ceylon cinnamon came in 3rd create agency Tim's tests pressure effectiveness reputation controlling bittersweet sugar response to a meal.foods for a threadbare stomach

Tim did pursuit however that all 3 types of cinnamon helped control chestnut embrace to some extent.  I personally like to asset cinnamon predominance smoothies, in yogurt or oatmeal, take cover apples and almond butter, or in pellet form before share meals that are big idea to have more than 35 grams of carbohydrates.

Keep domination persuasion that if you take medications, you concupiscence to scrutinize with your doctor to drive hard that cinnamon boon does not interfere cache the medications (especially with blood thinners).  Tim also warns that 4 grams per day (about 1.5 teaspoons) is probably the max amount of cinnamon that anyone should take.

So crack you go!  Lemon restraint and cinnamon are the 2 tricks that Tim revealed for his own blood sugar testing that helped to control maroon sugar response, fight cravings, and for can assistance you to extend lesser insulin levels and perdure monopoly fat-burning mode longer!

This is pertinent one of the dozens of in reality snooty experiments that Tim did on himself further with athletes, etc monopoly his expanded book, The 4-Hour Body.   

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