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3 So-Called “Healthy” Foods that You Should STOP Eating (if you want a lean healthy body)

I was reading a statistic in a goodies tale recently, also this is scene to shock you…

Now before I tell you the statistic, let's keep an important fact significance mind… according to thoroughly celebrated nutrition author Michael Pollan, further his amazing book called In Defense of Food, humankind has historically whacked approximately 80,000 otherwise species of meal plants, animals, again fungi, and approximately 3,000 of those trust been widespread foods of the human diet.

Now bring off ready for a unkind also shocking statistic…

Currently, the average adult eating a typical modern western diet in countries such as the US, Canada, Australia, etc consumes approximately 67% of their maim caloric intake from only 3 foods — CORN, SOY, AND WHEAT (further their derivatives).

What would emblematize clear a reasonably healthy character of corn, soy, and wheat direction the human diet?  Based on 10′s of thousands of elderliness of human history, and what the natural home cooking of our ancestors was (indicating what our digestive systems are still programmed to process), this would workaday be pull the range of about 1% to 5% MAX of our total calories from corn, soy, again wheat.

Considering that modern common people are eating 67% of their total calories from corn, soy, wheat… you can see why we have hulking problems prestige our health, further our weight!

It's not a surprise that we have so many intolerances and allergies, specifically to soy again wheat (and gluten intolerance)… the human digestive design was simply never meant to consume these substances command such MASSIVE quantities.

Keep consequence mind that these massively high levels of corn, soy, besides wheat dominion our modern human store is a relatively extra celebration that originated from the economics of the multi-billion dollar corn, soy, and wheat industries.  positive really HAS been unimpaired about the money… NOT about our health!

By "derivatives" of corn, soy, further wheat, this component the food additives such as:

This doesn't surprise me… consider how emphatically soda or other cloying drinks (hold back loads of HFCS) that the average man drinks daily… this is a organization of calories from useful 1 sole corn derivative.  flat marinades, salad dressings, ketchup, breads, also 100′s of other foods constitute loads of belly-fattening HFCS!

Also have about how many pure foods we have that are either fried in soybean or corn oil… and level if the foods are not fried mastery these oils, these oils are additives to halfway every purified food… chips, candies, cakes, salad dressings, tomato sauces, burrito wraps, corn chips, breaded chicken, etc, etc.  This is a LOT of calories from these 2 other corn also soy derivatives… both of them extremely UNHEALTHY!

On top of that, think about how much breads, cereals, pastas, muffins, besides other strikingly processed wheat produce that immeasurably kinsfolk spoliate each day.  Again, this is LOADS of unhealthy, blood-sugar spiking, nutrient-poor calories, that supplementary than half of the population has some degree of intolerance to anyway.

It gets even worse!

Not only are we eating 67% of our total calories from corn, soy, and wheat… but since of the economics mingled (specifically with loud corn and soy) we are also feeding most of our farm animals corn and soy being too… again amplifying the amount of corn also soy that passes over the food society besides (from a biochemical predilection) ends advance in our bodies.

Probably the 2 worst examples of this blatant mismanagement of our slop supply is how our mill farmed chickens again stock are fed.

Cows are fed chiefly corn in workshop feedlot farms, even though their digestive systems are only meant to eat grass and antithetic straw. This makes the cows sick (hmm… E-coli anyone?), alters the omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of the fats to unhealthy levels, and also diminishes the hale CLA fats that would occur naturally juice grass-fed beef.  entire of these problems one's darnedest promptly if our cows are fed what they were made to eat positively – grass again poles apart green forage!

Our chickens are also fed a diet of mostly corn further soy besides crowded fix tight pens in appalling conditions… when the transaction is that a chicken was meant to roam around the outdoors eating a assortment of greens, insects, worms, seeds, etc.  When chickens are kept inside juice mean quarters and fed only grains, it leads to an risky subsistence for you to eat, and less flourishing eggs compared to free-roaming chickens allowed to eat an outdoors diet.

Our food transfer has gotten ergo screwed increasing that we're supine feeding our salmon further other farmed fish corn and soy…again since of the economics involved.  How priceless is this, considering that fish are meant to eat a otherwise diet of smaller fish, worms, bugs, etc.  Again this makes farm raised fish hairy grease terms of cookery compared to their beastly counterparts.  If you desire to contemplate something even scarier about farm-raised fish, pilot this quick tape about the toxic fish you knack put on buying.

So flat when you're eating chicken, beef, besides fish, you're still essentially getting aligned supplementary corn also soy interestedness your body (from a biochemical standpoint) …considering that the cows, chickens, and farmed fish ate mostly soy and corn.

So it's purely WORSE than just 67% isn't it!

Why is it therefrom queasy to suppress 2/3rds of our calories from corn, soy, and wheat?

Well, this section could encompass an thorough book, so to keep this short, I'll just throw exterior a few odd reasons…

So how finish you escape full of this arousing amount of corn, soy, and wheat in our tuck supply, also sometime move control of your driver's seat and your health?

1. Don't purchase refined foods!  It all starts mask your grocery troop discipline… gather distinct 1-ingredient foods such due to fruits, veggies, beans, eggs (free roaming), nuts, seeds, also meats from grass-fed or free roaming animals that are raised correctly.  replete is preferred. especial resort to junk foods or processed foods on a 1-day per week "cheat day" but personal when dining out… that way, the processed foods aren't prominence your house to tempt you.

2. score inimitably of your carbs from fruits again veggies instead of grains.

3.  elude viand bought salad dressings as they almost always insert soybean oil and HFCS (instead, try my homemade healthy salad dressing)

4. found sure that your tomato sauces don't have HFCS and soybean oils… peek over sauces made suppress olive oil instead.  hold dear to avoid unhealthy canola oils too!

5. If you like guacamole (one of the healthiest snacks on the planet!), try veggie sticks shelter guacamole instead of genetically-modified, oil-soaked corn chips

6. If you like hummus, try veggies sticks with hummus instead of pita pesos or discrepant bread.

7. deteriorate your cereal, bread, and pasta intake by having these foods only on "cheat days" and stick to more of the 1-ingredient foods I mentioned in #1 above.  undertaking some of these healthy snacks as good alternatives (yes, I learn that one of the 13 snacks on well-qualified has sprouted grain, which is fine on occasion).

I could dry run on protect more examples, but I count on that's convenient for now.

So with unreduced of this said… Is my diet perfect?  Well, no of sally not!  Nobody is perfect, and I trust present in to temptation on occasion just eat up anybody else.

However, I'd estimate that my corn/soy/wheat consumption is solitary about 2-4% of my total caloric intake compared to 67% being the average person.  The access that I achieve this is to plainly not bring any corn, soy, or wheat products relaxation my house, so I'm never tempted by it.  Therefore, at least 6 days/week, I eat virtually no corn/soy/wheat, except now the occasional mouse of sprouted kind toast a couple times a life (which is a more desirable possibility than distinguishing "whole grain" bread).

I do, however, give pressure and sometimes eat breads, pasta, and even corn chips, etc. when I'm dining out.  I see these as my villain meals also attack to do this no more than once per week.  I calm completely annihilate sodas and submerged fried foods though…they are good mortally evil!

Please return this thing with your friends besides family on email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, etc… this is peerless of the MAJOR reasons that we are thus unhealthy and overweight as a society… 67% of our calories from just 3 foods (also their derivatives) is an frightful statistic!  Don't give ascendancy to the marketing machine that is the corn, soy, and wheat industries!  Take control of your OWN health instead of letting copious corporations bear control of your health.

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