Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Are You Missing Out On Commissions?

For successful marketers, the number one priority is coverage. You need to cover every potential market, target every possible buyer, and offer an option for every product to generate big commissions. Master affiliate marketers don't get by through partial coverage; they invest hours and hours into ensuring that every lead is captured, every sale is optimized, and every buyer leaves happy.

And now, you've got to do the same.

Affiliates are always fretting about losing sales at the purchase page, but this is only one metric where sales are lost. What about all the sales that you're missing out on by not adding an email capture page to your landing pages? What about the sales that you're leaving on the table by not giving multiple affiliate cookies? There are thousands of sales out there, which you could be taking, and none of them are going anywhere.

But don't just think about them, do something about it.

This is why you need to be cloaking your links. No, cloaking your links isn't just about hiding your affiliate code and increasing security. There's much more to it than just that. Cloaking links allows you to insert your own extra affiliate cookies, redirect users to your own lead capture page, and even entice new buyers with an appealing non-affiliate style link.

"That'd be great, but don't you need to know PHP for that?"

Well, yes, normally you would. However, if you invest in software and some useful tools, you could get those links generated without worrying about any coding languages or programming talent. It's not about technical expertise — it's about marketing-savvy and analytical thinking. This innovative, 100% free report explains the benefits of link cloaking in greater detail, along with some strategies for cloaking your own links.

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Remember, any leads left on the table are wasted money. We've all experienced the power of email marketing, and we all know how useful and important it can be for repeat customers and permission marketing assets. Don't just leave those leads on the table. When you sell a product, you've got the chance to sell again, and capturing those leads should be your highest priority. This 100% free report puts you in control of your future sales, your landing pages, and even your affiliate tracking cookies.


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