Thursday, May 24, 2012

Avoid These 3 Mistakes For Tennis Elbow Treatment

The first mistake that most sufferers make is "Using bracing or splinting, believing this will help your tennis elbow heal faster"Do not opt for immobilizing your arm, more specifically with elbow braces, splints or tape.

These braces can often aid in reducing your pain, but just like all the other traditional "treatments", this relief comes at the expense of the healing process.

Because these bulky braces prevent normal movement of your arm and elbow, they actually interfere with healing, allowing adhesive scar tissue to form- and prolonging the recovery time.

The second mistake is "Misunderstanding the inflammation process"

You must learn and understand that HEALING PURPOSE of the inflammation process…

We're falsely led to believe that by suppressing the inflammation with anti-inflammatory drugs we're helping the healing process -Only inflammation IS part of the healing process!

Anti-inflammatories have no ability to heal, and instead are SLOWING and prolonging the healing of your tennis elbow injury!

Critical Elbow Treatment Mistake 3

Opting for Cortisone Shots

The final and in many ways the most critical mistake sufferers so often make, is resorting to getting invasive and painful Cortisone shots. Cortisone shots work well in the short term which makes people go back to the activities that caused their injury in the first place. When this happens they make their tennis elbow worse because the tear becomes larger and sometimes the tendon fully detaches and tears away from the bone.

The physician quite often neglects to inform the sufferer that Cortisone can: Slow muscle and tendon healing, cause cell death and tendon weakening, And make it very difficult to regain full strength in the damaged elbow tendons ever again and…

You definitely don't want that! You want to strengthen the tendons and muscles in your arm and elbow!

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