Sunday, May 13, 2012

Building the Ultimate World of Warcraft Gold Strategy

I won't pretend that this short article can provide all the strategy tips you'll need to be the best at farming gold. But, I can provide you with some basic tips you will need to get a good gold making strategy put together. There are so many ways you spend your days sitting around making gold that you might think it is impossible to do it better. But, here are some strategies to develop that will ensure good returns each time.

• Choosing New Professions – Your professions are vital for making gold. If you don't have the right ones, you're wasting valuable gold making opportunities. Up to level 80, your primary professions should be chosen from mining, herbalism, and skinning. After Level 80, you can rechoose your professions and pick something like Jewelcrafting or Inscription – very popular ones for making big chunks of gold.

• Planning Your Time – Next up, stop running around hoping to find things that will make you rich. You need a good battle plan when you go out in the field each day. To do this, you need to start out by developing a routine. What will you do each day when you login. If you know for a fact that Eternals are easier to farm at 4pm when you login each day, why not get over to Wintergrasp and farm on the elementals there before you start going into instances or playing the auction house? Time things right to get the most out of your hours online.

• Getting into the Auction House – Finally, there's the auction house. I could write books about this, but the truth is that you'll want to spend some time figuring out what to do here on your own. Develop good strategies that will allow you to make big chunks of gold without spending hours and hours wasting opportunities. Buy the goods that will flip a good profit and sell the things that are worthless. There are a number of good auction house guides online so I'll let you check those out, but remember how important it is.

It might seem like an extremely simple strategy, but these three things will ultimately help you play the game better one very possible level. Rather than spending hour after hour trying to perfect how you play the game, you need to spend as much time developing a strategy for what you're doing. How can you spend less time farming and yet make more gold? Then you can focus on things that really matter, like winning PvP matches or raid battles.


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