Friday, May 18, 2012

Building the Ultimate WoW Gold Farming Tactics

I don't know about you, but farming for gold in World of Warcraft is not exactly a "fun" exercise. It's time consuming, more than a little boring and generally doesn't pay off very well. But, with the right tweaks, you can inject a little bit of entertainment into your gold farming and ensure you make a huge pile of the stuff for every minute you spend logged in.

Turn Farming into a Social Event

Most people think of farming in WoW and remember long hours spent waiting for a particular item to drop or clicking the same boring nodes over and over again. But, it doesn't have to be like that. Make a game of it and invite some friends.

You can go farming in instances too where you can bring three or four buddies and take out big time bosses on your way to find some of the best loot the game has to offer. I don't recommend you do this if you're aiming for 1,000+ gold an hour, but if you just want to kill time and make gold, it's the way to go.

Outsource to Other Farmers

Create a farming empire by outsourcing your gold making to other people. If you can get 5-10 other people on board farming for items that you can flip for a profit on the auction house, you'll instantly make a lot more gold than you would otherwise. How does it work?

First, advertise your mat buying services in a major city. Many players fresh off a farming trip will want to get rid of things fast. You need to offer fair prices, but they can be 20% below the common auction house sale prices and you'll still make a profit. Remember too that there is a standard auction house fee so you'll need to cover that.

Finally, you could just skip farming altogether. Don't feel like you need to go out and "earn" every gold piece you gather. The richest players in this game did it by building up their auction house prowess, not by farming endless mobs and profession nodes.

Farming in World of Warcraft will never be as much fun as taking down an epic 25 man boss with 100 million HP. But, it can be a lot more fun than sitting around and waiting for a fish to bite on your shiny bauble in Durotar. So, get in there, build a strategy that works and most of all, have some fun. This is a game after all.


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