Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Characters And The Plot In Battlefield 3


Battlefield isn't just a game about explosive carnage, there's a lot of character in the story as well.
Having a few main characters this game ensure each chosen character has specific functions which work in a complimenting fashion to ensure the success of the mission at hand. Keeping the level of suspense and excitement at the highest levels throughout the entire operation helps build the hype and adrenaline flow of the players involved.
The key characters include a Staff Sergeant named Henry Blackburn carrying the nick name Black. Black is a member of the US Marine 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and is the one who leads the initial team into the mission. Then there is the tank operator who is Corporal Jonathan Miller going by the nick name of Jono. He takes part in the operations against the People's Liberation and Resistance (PLR) before preparing to advance on the city are which is designed to look like a burning mess. Also included is the Naval Flight Officer, Lieutenant Jennifer Hawkins otherwise known as Colby. Hardly surprising to note the inclusion of a female character as the game tries to stay proactive to cater to all. Her responsibilities include the manning of her aircraft's weapons systems which are quite complicated to suggest the element of challenge within the game frame while coping with airstrikes operations geared towards Tehran airspace. Last but by no means the least, there is Dima a Spetsnaz operative deployed in Paris to stop an impending nuclear threat.
The plot is rather standard, a small five man squad sent on a mission to locate, find and safely extract the already existing US squad who are investigating a possible chemical weapons site, which has since lost all contact with the base. Adding to the level of complication and suspense is the area in which the last communications were transmitted from which is identified as hostile and controlled by the militia PLR.


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