Friday, May 11, 2012

Choosing the Right Fish in Happy Aquarium (fish in Happy Aquarium)

With every Facebook game, there are a variety of details that players need to focus on that will make or break their game play style. With Happy Aquarium, those very details are going to be a tremendously important factory when you start creating long term strategies. In particular, the fish in Happy Aquarium will be very important to how your game progresses and how effective you are at making yourself into a high level player. If you are serious about being one of the gurus of Happy Aquarium, the first step in the process is to develop a good lineup of fish to raise and then how long to raise, train, and mate them for.
Choosing the Right Fish in Happy Aquarium
To start with, you need to develop a good schedule to help yourself in the game. If you know you can only be online every 12 hours, it will not do you any good to choose the 6 and 8 hour fish that will need to be fed more often. However, if you choose the higher level fish, you need to be aware that you still need to logon to feed them occasionally. A 3 day fish is not going to be ready to go in 72 hours if you only feed them once. The best way to handle these situations then is to either buy the 3 day feeders and use them to maintain a grouping of 3 day fish every week or to establish a feeding schedule that will allow you to jump onto the game once or twice a day to get in there and feed your fish.
Which Fish in Happy Aquarium Are Easiest to Maintain
The easiest fish to maintain are going to be those that take as little time as possible to maintain. Generally speaking, this tends to be the 10-20 hour fish. Goldfish in particular are a good option because they are at 20 hours the easiest fish to get to before the day is up. All you need to do is logon once every day and make sure they are ready to go. Overall though, you'll need to spend some time developing a list of which fish are cheapest for you to level up personally.
As you can see, there are a lot of factors that will determine how the fish in Happy Aquarium will react and how many coins you can honestly make from them. If you're serious about developing a long term approach to the game that will allow you to make real profits and level up fast, then you need to spend some time contemplating these issues.

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