Thursday, May 24, 2012

Choosing Your Powers in DC Universe Online

One of the first things you will do in DC Universe Online is choose the powers your character will display as they level up. When you first get started, all power trees will focus solely on dealing damage, but as the game progresses, those powers can be specialized to match the end-game style of play you'll go through, depending on your initial choice, so it's important to get it right the first time out.

Your power tree choices include:

• Fire – Fire is a primarily tanking power though it can deal some hefty damage with the long range specialization.
• Ice – Ice is also a tanking power though again it can be used for damage as well as crowd control if you go with range.
• Mental – Mental comes in two flavours – telekinesis and illusion. They have different uses, but they work great in a crowd control capacity.
• Nature – Nature is a great way to get the healing stats you need if you're trying to be an end-game healer. Plants will give you all sorts of crowd control options as well.
• Sorcery – Sorcery works through a variety of different ways to provide buffs and debuffs to parties and enemies.
• Gadgetry – Like Batman and his utility belt? This is the route for you then. You'll find a LOT of good traps and tricks here for controlling enemies.

As mentioned above, you'll be able to use all six of these when you get started for DPS as they are all damage specialized, but when you start to approach level 8 and your loadout selection, you'll need to choose which route is best for you. There are four of them including damage, healing, defense, and control. Each role will be vital in Alerts and raids alike depending on your team makeup.

If you choose to go with tanking you should choose Ice or Fire, Control should choose Mental or Gadgetry, Healers should choose Sorcery or Nature and Damage can choose any of the six as they all scale well for DPS.

And of course don't forget the fact that you can choose Iconic Powers every two levels starting at level 10 if you'd prefer to go with the classics like X Ray Vision. DCU Online is a fantastic recreation of a universe that has been written about for more than 70 years. Enjoy engaging with some of the powers that helped make it such an iconic part of Americana.


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