Friday, May 18, 2012

Creating a Panorama

Okay, you want to create a panorama but your camera doesn't have that option. It is really no big deal, you can easily use PS to stitch your photos together using these steps.

  1. First you take your photos by choosing the spot where you want to photograph. A hint: if you have a tripod, use it, it will help immensely. I always start taking the photos from the left and go on to the right. So take the first photo then try to remember an object or something that's on the right side of that photo you just took, now move your camera to the right (in my case) and find that object you just picked out as your marker, now put that object in the middle of the next photo, it helps if you can put the photos over each other in photoshop when you want to edit them.
  2. You next need to decide the size of your panorama, I want mine to be the height of 600 pixels and the width will then be 2400 pixels, because when I put the height to 600 then all the images have to be 800 px times 600 px… So 800 times 3 is 2400. Import all the images and change the size from your original size to 800*600.
  3. Next we open up photoshop now, and start with an empty canvas (image) with the size of 2600 x 600 px. I put the extra 200 to the 2400 to have a little breathing room when I edit my photos.
  4. Put the photo that you took first onto layer one, the next on layer 2 and so on. Lay them out as next to each other as possible and you will see where the photos will change.
  5. Now you take the rectangular marquee tool and drag "a line" where the 2 images go together. Now Press Ctrl + Alt + D and to select the feather tool (sorry just know the shortcut to most tools). Put in the amount let's say 20…something around that should be good and press enter. Now be sure that you have selected layer 2, which means the second photos overlapping the first one. Then just press delete. Now you see how the two images go together. Sometimes it works just with that and some times your need to use the lasso tool for example to fix some small details so that they really fit together with the first photo.
  6. When you then got every image together, use the crop tool to select out our photo of the panorama, you can take all or just a part of it. When you have cropped the photo and checked that all the details are right, you can put all the photos in to one photo by pressing Ctrl + E, to merge the photos together as one. A hint: be sure that you have checked all the details before you do this because it's much easier to fix things while they are still in different layers.

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