Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The creativity behind the battlefield 3 experience

The whole experience of the realism factor is the primary object of any war game designed and when it some to war there is none other that is more important as the shooting element and the blowing up of stuff element, thus the need to bring in only the best to assist in the designing of the complete experience.
Andy McNab as even the name suggest seems to be the best in the business of providing the satisfying experience behind the shooting element. When the concerns are centered around the authenticity of the combat game Andy has the best tabs on it. Creating the very plausible mission designs, dialogue and motion captures is one way of ensuring the realism feature in definitely incorporated into the whole experience. The designers had the foresight to see the need to go beyond just creating the shooting, killing and destroying elements and instead added the element of a good story side.
With the focus of the designs including this often unexplored element, it is hoped that the gamer will be attracted to the sense of complete engagement within the experience. In creating a sense of character, emotion and connection, the idea was to create a platform whereupon other skills can be tapped and made use of instead of the blindly killing machine that the mindset often engages in. Another feature that is hoped to be eventually realized is the impact of the positiveness of each mission statement. There are no uses of buts, ifs or maybes which constitutes to the lesser levels of confidence.
Most of the backdrops are based on actual locations within the war torn zones of recent times. These actual depictions are based very much on real life experiences by those engaged for the purpose of providing such valuable information, thus effectively duplicating the required levels of realism.


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