Friday, May 4, 2012

DC Universe Online Secrets – Do You Need It?

So, just a few weeks ago, the biggest new MMO of the year was released by Sony Online. You probably already know the nitty gritty of DCU Online and how it took the world's best beloved comic book figures and put them square in the middle of a brand new MMO.

But, now that we've had some time to digest what the folks at Sony and Warner Bros have done, it's time to actually dig in and get some stuff done. The Level 30 cap may seem like no challenge, but there's a bit of a grind behind it, not to mention a LOT of content that you can unlock like Legends, Alerts, and Raids.

That's where DC Universe Online Secrets comes in. Tony Sanders, the guy that brings us so many other game guides on the market is fresh off his most recent Facebook successes with a guide for DC Universe Online and the big question everyone has is "will this guide get the job done?"

To start with, it depends on what type of gamer you are. If you're the type who got to level 30 on the second day of the game being out, with thousands of cash in your bank and a whole boatload of top tier gear, you probably aren't the target audience. Yeah, you could benefit from the guide, but it's not for the super elite.

It's for everyone else. The normal guys who want to get the Tier 2 gear and reach Level 30 without having to spend 23 hours a day spamming the shift button. That's what makes so many gamers balk at games like this and Tony's guide has a lot of good stuff in it that will let you skip the grind line.

So, should you get DC Universe Online Secrets? If you are anything less than a super elite who already dinged level 30, then yes, it's a great fit. For you guys on top? Maybe you can help me out with a couple Alerts?

DISCLAIMER: I am an affiliate for DC Universe Online Secrets. I receive a commission for any sales of T Dub's guide through this site.


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