Sunday, May 27, 2012

The definition and treatment of Rosacea!


As I mentioned earlier that Rosacea is the severe skin condition and it affects the skin of human body. The main outcomes of this disease are itching on the affected parts and unbearable irritation. Apart from cheeks, nose and mouth this disease also attacks eyes of the affected person. So, in this article I am going to tell you people some basic techniques and treatments that are quite essential to control this disease.

For those persons whose eyes are affected by this disease, it is recommended that apply regular eyelid cleansing with prescribed solutions. Applying warm compresses on the eyes is also a good practice to get relief from the irritation. In initial stages of Rosacea, it is quite easy to control this ail by adopting several treatments. Two main treatments of Rosacea are: bring a small change in the daily routine life and eating fruits and vegetables that are rich with nutrients.

Tetracycline, Minocycline and Doxycycline are quite beneficial for those patients whose mouths are affected by Ocular Rosacea. In case of swelling of the affected areas like cheeks, nose or forehead; Metronidazole a famous topical antibiotic proves to be very effective and relieving to reduce the swelling and itching of the affected areas. But, to tell you the truth such antibiotics are not very helpful for long-term use because after using them for long time duration, a patient may face different severe side-effects.

In case of swelling and reddening of face Clonidine is used as the proper treatment but as mentioned earlier there are several side-effects of this antibiotic. After using these pills for long time duration a patient may face lowering of blood pressure or drowsiness which is quite dangerous for health and personal hygiene. So, to avoid such bad effects Monoxidine is used as an alternate but this antibiotic is not very efficient. Yet, the suitable cure of Rosacea has not been invented but if a patient identify the cause of Rosacea Triggering factors this can be the best treatment to avoid such factors.

Apart from such treatments it is also recommended that use proper skin friendly cleansers to clean the affected areas on regular basis.

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