Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Does This Hypertension Medication Help Or Harm – Beta Blockers?

Beta blockers are commonly used drugs given to people with high blood pressure. Usually it is given to people with stress issues. You know that generally when we get stressed our heart starts to beat quickly and blood pressure spikes automatically. If we are continually under stress that high blood pressure may lead to hypertension.This particular medication causes the heart to slow down its beat. This in return reduces blood flow there by decreasing the pressure on the artery walls. What the doctors may avoid telling is that there is greater pressure in the arteries that immediately receive blood from the heart. Regardless, why would you want to even risk it? Here is a list of some of the side effects of this blood pressure drug.

o insomnia,
o cold hands
o feet,
o tiredness
o depression.

Furthermore if you are overweight you will have a very difficult time losing body fat. This hypertension medication makes it very challenging for you to raise your heart rate high enough to make any changes to your metabolism.

Lastly many men stop taking this drug because of the erectile dysfunction it can cause!

Do not assume that if you are on Beta Blockers that your health is in control. This medication does not prevent arterial plaque build up or control your cholesterol levels. Here are three suggestions that may help you avoid beta blocker medication

o Breathe – take time to each day to do some simple breathing exercises.
-breathe in through the nose for two and out through the mouth
for three.
o Exercise – take thirty minutes a day to go for a walk.
o Make some subtle changes to your diet – reduce dairy and meat, drink six glasses of water and drink green tea instead of coffee.

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