Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dominating PvP with Crowd Control

One of the biggest points of contention in PvP strategy is the use of crowd control. In low ranked matches, CC can make all the difference between victory and loss. However, for players who have been around for a while, the opponent's ability to respond instantly to any CC that is launched against them makes it harder to carry out a full scale freeze on someone's moves. So what should you do to develop your CC skills from the start so that you can take on nearly anyone with strength?

Know Your CC and their Breaks

One of the first things you need to do is learn all of your crowd control abilities. Every class and spec in the game has something they can use in these instances, even if it is not ideal. Of course, you may not always need to use. Sometimes, it just doesn't come up, but most of the time, even tanks and heavy melee DPS will use a lot of effects, even if they are just slows to keep their opponents in line. Another reason this is so good is because by learning all the CC abilities, you can recognize when a major threat presents itself against you in your opponent.

Be Unpredictable

Let's say you memorize the best CC rotations for your Ice Mage. That's all fine and good, but if your opponent knows the same rotations, they know how to respond to your moves. Instead of falling into that trap, be willing to throw off your normal rotation and be unpredictable. If they expect an Ice Block and you throw a Frost bolt instead, they won't be ready for it. Now, don't weaken yourself in combat – if you need to bubble or get back, do it, but don't rely too heavily on CC when you could throw your opponent off.

Save Your Cooldowns

If you have a powerful cooldown, don't blow it when it's not needed. This goes for Druids big time who have a number of roots and snares that can be used to disengage and heal during combat. If you use them up too early, though, but then need to heal, you'll be in deep water.

If you play the game correctly and are smart about how you develop your strategies in real time (never panic!) you'll be well setup for the final few moments of a close match, when good CC almost always makes the difference between the winners and losers.


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