Friday, May 4, 2012

The End of a Traditional Gold Guide…

I have been a big critic of gold guides for a long time. They all claim to do the same thing – help you get as much gold as possible and yet they all use the same recycled strategies. How can you make that much gold if you are using the same methods as everyone else in the market. The crowding and overlap is substantial. Remember when you could make 1,000 gold an hour in Icecrown with Titanium mining? I do. These days, you're lucky to come away with 500 gold and the price has doubled since Wrath was released because of the 3.2 gem additions.
So, when a new gold guide comes out and claims to be better than all the other ones, I tend to roll my eyes. This time however, I took a closer look because the guide in question wasn't showing anyone how to farm or quest their way to major gold counts. Instead, the guide claimed to be a streamlined, step by step process to making the entire gold cap – a count of over 214,700 gold – something that I've only seen once before in my entire time playing this game (and that was on a guild leader).
The gold guides these days may mention the gold cap, but none has been so brazen to claim it can get you there without hours and hours of your life devoted to farming (I estimate it would take over 400 hours to get there with normal farming methods). So, having a guide that is not too big, not too overwhelming with information and very brazen with its claims is interesting.
And the early word is that the guide actually works quite well, showing players how to master the auction house and the market prices of multiple goods using a combination of four add—ons and new techniques that have not before been seen in gold making.
Basically, if you've ever been interested in mastering the content in World of Warcraft to a degree where you can make the entire gold cap, you should stop by and see what all the fuss is about.

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