Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Evolution of Pearly Penile Papules

Pearly penile papules is a condition which affects a large portion of men, starting with puberty. This condition is a skin disease and has nothing to do with the STD or other contagious diseases. In fact, not only it is not a STD, but it can appear in persons which have not yet had any sexual experience. Many men find this condition to be one of the worst genital problems, as there are few treatments, most of which are painful and have side effects. Thus, if it happens to have such a condition, you will have to learn how to live with it.

Unlike other skin conditions, pearly penile papules have no medical treatment which can ensure the patient that they will not experience side effects and that the condition will not come back after a certain period. However, the evolution in time of this condition may lower the number of bumps which the patient can see on the surface of his penis.

When they appear, the bumps have a fleshy color and they look like a dome. At first, their number will increase. For a few days or even months, there will appear more and more bumps, which will be disposed in one or more rows on the upper part of the penis. They will remain there for a long period of time. If they are not picked at, they will preserve their appearance. If you pick them, they can get infected and once the infection is healed the place will remain scarred.

In time, the number of the bumps may decrease for a period, after which they can re-appear, in the same number. However, with time, the bumps will diminish in number, while other bumps will not take their place. There is also the possibility of getting rid for good of this condition without you doing anything. Yet, you will have to have patience and learn how to live with this condition, cause if you are not treating it in any manner, years will have to pass until the condition will disappear forever.

Even though you the evolution of the pearly penile papules will eventually lead to their disappearance, they will certainly mark the years of your youth and will leave some scars in your mind. So, it is better to look for a treatment which will enable you to have a clean and normal penis again.

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