Tuesday, May 1, 2012

First New PvP Guide in Months

The other day, I got an email about a new PvP guide on the market. Unlike gold guides and levelling guides, there are not that many PvP guides out there. Most of them are a few years old and few of them get updated often if at all. So, the release of a new one is actually pretty big news around my parts. I get excited, because I'm interested in anything that helps me get an edge and let's face it, PvPers don't do a lot of writing on forums and it's really hard to keep up with the arena seasons.

Is It Any Good?

Of course, the big question isn't what the guide is, but whether it is any good. It's useless if the thing doesn't actually help anyone get anything done. Luckily, PvP Ownage is a solid guide that covers everything you could possibly need to know about PvP from start to finish.

To get started, you'll learn how to setup a team, find people who you like to play with and then choose the right class. You will then learn everything needed to excel with that class in PvP, including your spec, talents, abilities and shot rotations in 1v1 situations. You'll then learn about arena play and how to break down each arena matchup, followed by dozens upon dozens of strategies for the BGs and outdoor PvP areas of the game.

The Bottom Line

PvP Ownage is a great addition to a strong tradition of successful PvP guides. If you're anything like me and will take any chance to gain an edge in this business, you should check out PvP Ownage today. You'll find yourself prepped for just about anything that might come your way – whether in organized end-game PvP or through regular encounters on a PvP server.

You can check out more details about Terrance's guide here.

Full Disclosure: I am an affiliate for this product and receive a commission for sales made.


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