Friday, May 4, 2012

Flight Simulator 2005

Flight Simulator 2005- new release for airline adventure Flight Simulator GameThe flight simulator 2005 allows its users to become an airplane pilot especially of the Boeing 747 using one of the 32 liveries along with a detailed panel, stereo sounds, 550 ready to use flight with ABL adventure manager which allows them to create their own adventurous flight.

The 2005 is an upgrade of the previous release, which is designed to work with Microsoft flight simulator 2004 only.

The flight simulator 2005 has some unique features that make it different from the previous versions.

They include: * It has a panel of the Boeing 747.

* Has stereo sound system.

* It includes Air Force One, Air China, Air Lingus, American Airlines, Argentinean Airlines, Canadian Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Kim, Lauda Airlines, Marti Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines and also Turkish Airline.

* It has a very reflective textured mapping system which is very convenient to use and also reliable.

* Also, the pilot has full access to all the documents inside the kneeboard along with an interactive checklist.

* There is a fleet of 550 planes ranging from the historic planes to the most advanced, modern planes that can be used in the flight simulator.

* There is an extensive manual for the Boeing 747-400.

* It provides a log book for the pilot, statistics of the flight duration, record of hours the flight has flown, etc.

* Also 2005 version allows the pilot to design his own adventurous flight.

With such great feature, anybody will like to try the flight simulator 2005.

It is more attractive and easy to use as it give all the provisions to the pilot to maintain all the necessary records needed to be maintain during the flight.

So if you want to use a flight simulator, it is recommended to use the 2005 version for sure.

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