Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fly in a Helicopter Flight Simulator to where ever you want.

Flight Simulator GameA Helicopter flight simulator is very much liked by the flight game users in the world.

As it is easy to use and less complicated, many first time users prefer to fly the virtual helicopters before getting into the real flying.

The major difference between flying an aircraft and a helicopter is that as the helicopters are open, much safety is required during the flight.

The pilot of the helicopter has to be well protected with the safety belts, helmets, etc.

before flying.

Mostly the helicopter flight simulator is used by the aviation industry for the training purposes.

It is preferred to teach the new pilots on the simulator before risking the life of the pilot as well as the helicopter in the first flying session.

Therefore, first the pilot is given training on the simulator.

He is told about all the control system, machinery, reading of maps, safety measures, etc.

and then once he trained well is allowed to fly a real helicopter.

This is a realistic 3D helicopter flight simulator game that has the real effects like smoke, remote, control panel, moving of the fans, radio, yoke, etc.

Everything looks just so real.

It has been noticed that many pilots get so involved in flying that they often forget whether they are flying a real helicopter or are in a 3D system.

This feature makes the simulators very adventurous and thrilling and especially for the new pilots.

As the simulators are easy to use and there is no risk factor involved in it, it can be said that anybody, even be it a child can use the simulator to have fun as well as if he wishes to take flying as his career.

The helicopter flight simulator has encouraged and motivated many young people to become pilots be it the commercial pilot or the fighter pilots.

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