Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Flying Clubs

Flying Clubs: What to Look For Before Joining One Flight Simulator GameThere are many flying clubs you can choose from but to get the most of the club, you have to consider the following: 1.

Does the club have enough planes and are they approved by the Aviation Authority of the country?

Join a club that at least has the planes you are capable of flying.


Check the infrastructure and facilities of the club; is there a runway and a hangar?

Also, get a club that is located close to town and has games and entertainment amenities as well.

3. What are the qualifications of the club's flight instructors?

Are their licenses current and do they have passion for what they do?

Good instructors can be very helpful and will help you understand the principles of flight as well as other fundamentals you may not be proficient in.

4. What is the ratio of the student pilots to the airplanes?

International flying clubs usually ensure each student has his own plane as well as flight instructor to give him unconditional personal attention.

5. The club should be following the rules and regulations set up by the Aviation Authority of the country.

It should be highly reputed and have a good history with the Aviation Authority.

The above 5 tips will help you select a good flying club.

It is important to talk to some members of the club you intend to join.

Also, read newspapers, magazines and other flight information regarding flight clubs.

You should have an idea on how the clubs operate and whether their schedule will be in tandem with your daily schedule.

Different pilot licenses have different requirements.

Know the requirements of the category of pilot you want to be before joining the cub.

Flying clubs are also helpful as they are crucial resources for those looking for private of commercial flying jobs.

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