Wednesday, May 30, 2012


If you are wondering whether there is any way to provide electricity for your household without having to pay any money to your electric company, free energy systems have the answer for you. If fact, believe it or not, you can actually make money by selling electricity to your electric company, using these systems! Free energy systems rely on well founded technology to deliver electricity to its users. These systems, if connected to the power grid, often ends up delivering electricity to the power grid.

Free energy devices utilise free resources available around us, such as the TV and radio waves around us, electrostatic charges present in the atmosphere, and radiant energy coming from outer space, mainly from the sun and other stars. These devices are very easy to install, if you follow the instructions carefully, you can install them yourself.

A good way to set up free energy devices is to interconnect them to the power grid. It will be better to have a battery backup in case of emergency. That way, your electric meter will seldom register any usage, as almost always, electricity will be drawn from the free energy device. In most cases, the electric meter registers transfer of current from the equipment to the power grid, enabling you to receive money or credits from your electric company.

The interconnection of free energy devices to your power grid is a simple process. It is advisable to have a battery backup, in the case of maintenance to your power system. The free energy system is connected to an Array DC Disconnect, which is connected to a charge controller. The charge controller is connected to a deep cycle battery which stores electrical energy as backup. The battery connected to a system meter, which is connected to a Main DC Disconnect, which is connected to an Inverter, which in turn, is connected to the AC Breaker Panel. The AC Breaker Panel is connected to both the household and the Kilowatt Per Hour Meter which is the link to the power grid.

The use of battery as a backup ensures that electricity is available for the household from the free energy system itself, even during downtime and in the case of maintenance to the power system.


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