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The 50's and 60's furniture are now referred to as the retro era where people took to modern furniture were a bit flashy. Today however, retro and modern definitely go well especially when choosing furniture for the home. Magazines, home interior catalogs feature Retro or plan furniture and still looks fantastic in a modern home. You can choose genuine furniture pieces from the 50s and 60s or any modern designs which was inspired by the past era. You either can buy original retro furniture pieces or choose modern pieces that has a retro look. A combination of a few original pieces with some modern basics here and there would still look great. Idea Woodworking PlansDuring the 50s, contemporary furniture, as was the favorite term used then in this era, can be found in many homes. While bold patterns were used for wallpapers and fabrics, elegant, modern sofa and dining table and chairs with lighter wooden splayed legs or slender legs were the demand. Since the range of furniture items manufactured were limited, customers pick a small set then mix and match it with their own furniture at home. Or, they could collect G Plan furniture piece by piece till they have a complete set to create a coordinated look throughout the entire house

A decade later, the 60's produced a variety of diverse furniture styles ranging from country cottage pine to blow-up chairs, and is easily recognized because of its long, low, teak sideboards and coffee tables. This range is known as the G Plan, a classic retro furniture look introduced by furniture company E.Gomme in 1952 and became popular later on. The preference for teak continued till the 70's although the new look was pine and furniture produced looked stocky.

For those who just love to G Plan or retro furniture, you can, without looking too flambouyant or gaudy. Mixing and matching G Plan furniture in your home is meant to be fun, just like art deco. You can even go ahead and buy modern versions of the original 60's Plan furniture as a way to appreciate the style of the era.

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