Thursday, May 24, 2012

General Summary

If you run a small business and you want that little business to grow, a reverse telephone number look-up service provides one of your most powerful tools. The more you know about your customers, the more you can deliver good service, alert them to special promotions, develop rapport, and cultivate their loyalty. A little bit of time invested in the reverse phone number look-up service will yield a handsome return: you will run your business more efficiently and more effectively: Efficiency: If you take just a moment to capture each customer's telephone number—use your caller ID, ask for a business card, set-up a guestbook—you can develop an entire customer profile just from that one piece of information. With a bunch of index cards, or with any spreadsheet program, you can combine all those profiles into a customer database. Then, when a regular customer calls or comes in, you quickly can check his or her regular purchases, follow-up on special orders, or just give a personal greeting by name. Customer Service: Working with the reverse phone number look-up service and building a database of your customers, you can track their visits and purchases. More importantly, though, you can use the information the look-up service provides to stay in touch with your customers. If you haven't seen a customer in a while, send an e-mail: just ask, "How have you been? Love to see you in the store soon. Did you know we have your favorite widget on sale this month?" Use the address information to send out flyers, maybe even start sending out a little newsletter just to let the folks know what you and your business are doing. Customer Loyalty: With just a phone number, you have the key that unlocks all the tools you need to communicate with customers in every way. The reverse telephone number look-up service will give you names, addresses, alternate phone numbers, and e-mail addresses; sometimes it will include employment data or information about your customers' businesses. The more you stay in touch and develop rapport with your customers, the more they will trust you, and you will win their loyalty. Protection: You also can use the reverse number look-up service to protect your own privacy. Many vendors use predatory marketing schemes, and a lot of people assume that, because you provide goods and services, you are public property. Keep yourself safe with the reverse look-up service's privacy protection. Block other's access to information.

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