Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Get Paid for Focus groups

Did you know you can work from home and get paid for your opinion by partaking in focus groups? Perhaps you have been involved in focus groups in the past, or may it is a new concept to you. Focus groups uses qualitative research where a group of people are asked very specific questions about their beliefs, opinions, attitudes, and perceptions concerning a particular product. These focus groups normally last one to two hours and the normal pay out is $150 for your time. Not bad for just sitting with a group of your peers and stating your opinion about a product you already use!
Focus groups consists of specific guidelines. For instance, a Focus Group A may be interested in males between the ages of 55 and 65 that use a certain product regularly. Others may focus only on women in specific age groups. The idea is that if the focus group brings together people of the same age group and gender that use the same product, they can find out how to better target this age group by finding out their lives and dislikes.
In order for you to participate in several focus groups, you must know where to sign up for these, and once you do, you will begin receiving invitations to various groups. Many of these focus groups will overbook, so that if they only need 10 people, they may have 20 show up and then of these 20, they choose 10 to participate in the group, the other 10 are sent home, but still get paid! There is a 50 percent chance you will never have to participate in the study at all, as long as you show up, you get paid for your opinions.
Focus groups are an excellent to earn extra money and allows you to work from home and be your boss. The companies that you are giving your opinions about are not your employer, you decide how many groups you wish to participate in. The more you sign up for various groups, the better your chances are of being selected for a focus group in your area. When you meet the criteria set, you can expect to receive directions to the facility where the focus group is held, compensation, and length of time the session will last.
Focus groups are fun, spirited, and pay well, what more could you ask for? Today, make the decision to work from home and get paid for your opinion by taking part in focus groups that are widely available in all cities throughout the United States. Companies are willing to pay you and offer you free products just for giving your opinions, what an exciting way to make a living!


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