Friday, May 11, 2012

Getting More Happy Aquarium Neighbors (Happy Aquarium neighbors)

It's no secret that most Facebook games are very heavily intent on having you get as many neighbors as possible. Happy Aquarium is no different, so any serious players out there should spend some time developing as many strategies as possible to go out and dig up a good chunk of friends. These Happy Aquarium neighbors allow you do everything from getting faster routes to more tank space and fish to loading up on free gifts and items that can be resold for a solid profit. In short, if you want to level up fast and get some solid coins, you should have as many Happy Aquarium neighbors as possible.
How to Find New Happy Aquarium Neighbors
The first step in finding new neighbors is to exhaust your current friend list. It might seem like a stretch, but you never know when you might find someone that will be interested in playing the game with you. Most people play at least one Facebook game. You would be surprised how easy it can be at times to go out and find someone that is willing to join up with you in the game.
If that doesn't work, don't forget that you can go out and find someone willing to swap neighborships with you so that you can both benefit from the relationship. Many people will gladly add people to their friends list for the benefits of a neighbor without actually knowing them. Just make sure that these people are willing to add you so you don't get refused by a lot of the request you send out – you could easily end up getting yourself banned if you don't ask first and make sure to mention the game in your requests.
What Your Happy Aquarium Neighbors Can Do for You
Neighbors are a huge part of the game. They let you get more coins from treasure chests, load up on new content from your fellow players in the form of free gifts, and get more XP by cleaning tanks all over Facebook.
Any player out there who wants to rise to the top of the game needs to go out and find as many Happy Aquarium neighbors as they can. There are limits of course to how many you need. Usually, with most games, if you have 25 friends, you'll be pretty solidly on your way to the upper reaches of what you need from the game. If you cannot find that many players to work with you, don't fret. Time and persistence will almost always pay off with these strategies.

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