Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Giuseppe’s Pizzeria

When a small business depends on incoming calls for the majority of its sales, a reverse telephone look-up service has three huge benefits: (1)it assures employees' accuracy and efficiency. They get the correct spelling of the customers' names, and they get correct addresses;if they're confused, they get a tool for checking their work. (2)It gives the business a tool for building a database of customer information; the business owner can store information according to customers' telephone numbers, so that when they call again, associates can address customers by name, thank them for calling again, and guide their choices by knowing their preferences. And (3)the reverse telephone look-up service gives the small business a tool for building customers' loyalty through direct mail and door-hanger campaigns. Consider Giuseppe and our favorite local pizzeria: More than half of Giuseppe's sales come from people calling-in for delivery. And in our neighborhood, people speak more than forty languages. Giuseppe and his staff do their best to get accurate information from callers; but language barriers sometimes are difficult to overcome. And a local business person never wants to ask for directions to a neighbor's house or apartment. But the pizza still has to get to the caller's address fresh and hot. So, Giuseppe and his staff capture callers' numbers as they place their orders, and they use their reverse telephone look-up service to confirm names and addresses. When they're not quite sure about directions, they link to mapquest or Google maps for turn-by-turn information, and their pizzas always arrive right on time. Giuseppe uses his database to send coupons and promotions to his loyal pizza fans. And his business is booming.

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