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John Ivison: Conservatives risk backlash over inaction on environment
National Post
The Conservatives circulated a notice of intent to regulate the oil and gas sector last summer that went to Cabinet but was spiked in the face of opposition from the industry and Ed Stelmach's Alberta government. As Mr. Vaughan pointed out in his ...
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National Post
Richard Lugar loses primary nomination to conservative challenger Richard Mourdock
Washington Post
Richard G. Lugar of Indiana, a 35-year member of the Senate and one of Washington's leading experts on US foreign policy, lost his bid for reelection Tuesday after a conservative backlash inside the GOP denied him his party's nomination for a seventh ...
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On gay marriage, conservatives and Republicans are all alone
Washington Post (blog)
This has left conservatives all alone on this one: Only 26 percent of them support it, versus 72 percent who are opposed. Gallup also finds that independents favor marriage equality by 57-40. Here, too, Republicans are all alone: Only 22 percent back ...
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Conservatives dump Lugar, slam door on gay marriage in N.C.
Bakersfield Californian (blog)
Richard Lugar was routed by the right flank of his own Republican Party Tuesday night, and North Carolina voters decided overwhelmingly to strengthen their state's gay marriage ban -- a conservative show of enthusiasm and strength six months before the ...
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Cameron Pledges Growth Focus, No Going Back on Deficit Cutting
In a joint appearance with his Liberal Democrat deputy Nick Clegg, Cameron said the dangers facing the economy underline the need to stick to the austerity plan agreed upon when the Conservative-led government came to power two years ago.
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McGuinty Seeks Ontario Conservative Backing on Public Pay
By Theophilos Argitis and John McCorry on May 08, 2012 Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said he will seek backing from the opposition Progressive Conservatives on public sector wage freezes needed to bring the budget of the country's most-populous ...
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A Tax Loophole Opposed by Conservatives Now Divides the Senate
New York Times (blog)
In the past, however, many conservatives have dinged the same tax loophole that Democrats now seek to close. The bill would pay for the $5.9 billion loan rate freeze by preventing individuals with incomes exceeding $250000 who file their taxes as a ...
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But urges senior Tories to use Coalition years to tackle 'mess' left by Labour
Daily Mail
On the eve of the Queen's Speech, the Prime Minister used an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail to insist he is determined to lead a 'Conservative-only government' after the next election. And he admitted more candidly than ever before where his ...
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Daily Mail
Canada Is Slow to Act on Emissions, Audit Warns
New York Times (blog)
The current Conservative government withdrew Canada from its reduction commitments under the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and replaced them with the more limited goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 17 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.
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Heritage Foundation's Conversations with Conservatives | RedState
By Caleb Howe (Diary)
Above is the live stream of a new weekly conversation with some of our conservative members of Congress, who will discuss issues of the day and answer.
Conservatives and Gays - Opinion - PatriotPost.US
By Dennis Prager
In addition to labeling conservatives and Republicans 'anti-woman' (for opposing government-mandated free contraception), 'anti-black' and 'anti-Hispanic' (for advocating photo identification for voting), and 'anti-science' (for skepticism ...
The Patriot Post
Conservatives Need To Toss Richard Lugar Out In Today's Indiana ...
By MacAoidh
Conservatives Need To Toss Richard Lugar Out In Today's Indiana GOP Senate Primary. Posted by: MacAoidh on Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 10:20. Conservatives Need To Toss Richard Lugar Out In Today's Indiana GOP Senate Primary – ...
The Hayride
European Conservatives' Self-Destruction | American Renaissance
By Henry Wolff
"Why are conservatives always trying to save their enemies?"
American Renaissance
The PJ Tatler » Conservatives Have a New Star. Her Name is Bondi ...
By Myra Adams
Move over Senator Marco Rubio! Step aside Congressman Alan West! Make room for another shining Republican star on the ascent in the Florida sky, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. While it was Congressman Alan West who ended up ...
The PJ Tatler

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Conservative cliches - chicagotribune.com
Like many of us who pontificate for a living, my column-writing colleague Jonah Goldberg apparently toils away in daily frustration that so many people fail to ...

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