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Conservatives move again to have robocalls suits tossed
The Conservative Party has filed a second motion to dismiss the robocalls lawsuits filed by the left-leaning Council of Canadians, calling council chairperson Maude Barlow a "virulent critic" of Prime Minister Stephen Harper who has "orchestrated" the ...
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Greek Radical Left Party, Syriza, Leads Conservatives - Poll
Wall Street Journal
ATHENS (Dow Jones)--Greece's radical-left Syriza party is leading in the race to win the country's elections next month, a public-opinion poll showed Thursday, outpacing the rival conservative New Democracy party by a four-point margin.
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UK Conservatives Drink The Poisonous Economic Fairness Kool-Aid
What is the point of electing conservatives if, once in office, they are more worried about "fairness" than economic growth and prosperity? Examples of this are coming thick and fast from Europe, but an important one just arrived from England.
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Think Again: The Conservative War on Knowledge
Huffington Post
As evidenced by the global warming "debate," Tea Party-style conservatives have a problem with reality. More than that, though, they have a problem with knowledge, particularly honest scholarship that leads to knowledge, as the more voters know about a ...
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Hustler Magazine Sparks Rage With a Rude Image of Pundit S.E. Cupp
Daily Beast
Hustler has caused a squall by publishing an image of conservative pundit SE Cupp with a photoshopped penis in her mouth. Conservatives and liberals alike are sounding off on the magazine for misogyny, but Cupp has said the protest isn't loud enough.
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Daily Beast
Cognitive Dissonance Dept: Conservatives vs. US Military
The Atlantic
The military-industrial complex is small-c conservative -- and I'm using both those terms in a completely value-neutral, descriptive way. It looks for fights it can win, not fights -- like a land war in Iran, or endless, bank-breaking fuel bills ...
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New EI rules take aim at frequent users, force workers to accept lower pay
(Adrian Wyld / The Canadian Press) OTTAWA — The Harper Conservatives came under fire Thursday moments after introducing new rules that would force the jobless seeking employment insurance to take lower paying jobs -- for some, in unrelated occupations.
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Robocalls: Tory legal brief attacks those behind bid to overturn election results
Just days after a judge overturned the election of a Conservative MP in Toronto, the Conservative Party of Canada has moved aggressively to try to shut down a series of lawsuits seeking to overturn the election of seven other Tory MPs.
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Theresa May records video in support of gay marriage
The Guardian
Theresa May, the Conservative home secretary, has pledged her personal support for gay marriage, becoming the most senior politician yet to take part in a cross-party video campaign supporting a change to the law. The video, in which May says she ...
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Barack Obama, Fiscal Conservative!
Power Line (blog)
This is the Obama campaign's new theme: Obama as the green-eyeshade fiscal conservative. It started with the ridiculous column by one Rex Nutting that I dismantled last night. Nutting claims that the "Obama spending binge never happened.
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Obama Brings Conservatives Out of the Closet
By E.J. Graff
Call it the Obama effect. Since Obama's pitch-perfect announcement about same-sex marriage, supporting marriage equality is becoming practically chic. A cascade of voices has come out of the closet in favor of it, and hardly anyone has ...
The American Prospect
Schumer Trashes Conservatives For Defending Facebook ... - TPMDC
By Sahil Kapur
Sen. Chuck Schumer issued a fiery rebuke Thursday to conservatives who have criticized his legislation, inspired by Facebook's Eduardo Saverin, aimed at cracking down on Americans who renounce their citizenship to duck taxes. The New ...
Extreme budget making continues – Conservatives target Planned ...
By Rob Schofield
NC House Committee Targets Planned Parenthood HHS Appropriation chairs try new tack to ban non-profit from receiving state funding. Raleigh—Taking direct aim at Planned Parenthood, HHS appropriation chairs in the state house today ...
The Progressive Pulse
Are conservatives in love with 'Fifty Shades of Grey'?: Goodreads ...
Goodreads, the literary social networking site, has used its database of nearly nine million users and 300 million user-rated books to create a map that shows where people in the United States are reading "Fifty Shades of Grey," the E.L. James ...
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Conservatives Pissed This Obama Fundraiser Made Striptease ...
By charlieblanko
Stacii Jae Johnson Obama Fundraiser "How To Striptease" Instruction Video Conservatives are crying about this now: A conservative nonprofit website on Wednesday revealed the "breaking" news that one of President Barack Obama's ...

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Sen. Schumer blasts conservatives for Nazi comparison | The Raw ...
Sen. Charles Schumer on Thursday responded to conservative critics who had compared his Ex-PATRIOT Act to laws imposed by the Nazis. "I know a thing or ...

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