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Anti-Gay Leader Takes Up Lesbian's Dinner Invitation (blog)
by Steve Williams Tony Perkins, head of the designated anti-LGBT hate group the Family Research Council, has taken up a lesbian equality leader's invitation to dine with her family. Tony Perkins, who heads the Family Research Council in Washington, ...
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Guess who's anti-gay and invited to dinner? (blog)
BY NATASHA BARSOTTI - In the vein of détente summits of yore, if you will, Jennifer Chrisler of the pro-same-sex-marriage Family Equality Council has invited Tony Perkins of the notoriously anti-gay Family Research Council to break bread at her home to ...
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Tony Perkins' FRC tells Obama: 'Wages of sin is death' | The Raw ...
By David Edwards
Family Research Council (FRC) — a hate group, according the the Southern Poverty Law Center — has asked pastors around the country to sign a letter to Obama, complaining that he had used the "presidential 'bully pulpit' to promote a ...
The Raw Story
FRC to Obama: 'We believe that 'the wages of sin is death'' - Good ...
By G-A-Y
The ever-esteemed Family Research Council is continuing to use President Obama's historic marriage announcement to both raise its profile and fill its coffers. This time, FRC is doing so by citing Franklin Graham's eek-inducing claim that the ...
Good As You

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Family Research Council Urges Death to Corrupt Bankers
Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has been raining fire and brimstone on sinners everywhere. Apparently he takes this stuff pretty seriously.
Family Research Council | Alan Chambers
May 29, 2012. Hello and Welcome! - Alan. You are here: Home / Archives for Family Research Council. National Christian Leader Speaks Out Against ...

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