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French Muslims get call to vote for president
Fox News
But this year, there is a special new effort to mobilize French Muslims to speak up at the ballot box in Sunday's presidential race — amid a surge of Islam-bashing among the French right. Imams and Islamic associations are calling on Muslims to do ...
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Moderate Islamist gains in presidential race
The Seattle Times
Islam based politics? That isn't democracy. ...and a... (April 30, 2012, by Perpetual Astonishment) MORE A moderate Islamist campaigning to be Egypt's next president has won the support of some unlikely allies - the country's most conservative ...
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Islamist stakes claim to Egypt middle ground
Abol Fotouh presents himself as a champion of moderate Islam, yet he has been able to win the backing of hardliners thanks partly to a political brain which many say sets him apart from the Brotherhood. Even some liberals, impressed by his reformist ...
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This Islamic mutual fund is a 1-percenter even OWS would love
That prohibition is based on Shariah law, which guides the business principals of Islam. The Quran, the basis of the Islamic faith, prohibits Muslims from paying or receiving interest for lending money, which is of course the basis of the banking ...
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Chris Christie's Islam Problem
National Review Online
But the governor of New Jersey has a problem, specifically an Islam problem, that can and should get in the way of his possible ascent to higher office. Time and again he has sided with Islamist forces against those who worry about safeguarding ...
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Islam challenges its practitioners
London Free Press
By DALE CARRUTHERS, THE LONDON FREE PRESS Worshipers at the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario take part in afternoon prayer, one of five times a day they face Mecca, Saudi Arabia, to pray. (DALE CARRUTHERS The London Free Press) At the end of each ...
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Moderate receives Egypt poll boost
Financial Times
Abdel-Moneim Aboul Fotouh, an Islamist moderate and former Muslim Brotherhood leader expelled from the group last year, received the endorsements of the moderate Islamist Wasat party and the Islamic Group, a once-outlawed militant organisation that ...
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Islamic 'Death-Sex' in Context
FrontPage Magazine
To start, consider the ultimate source of this practice: it's neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor the Salafis; rather, as with most of Islam's perversities—from adult breastfeeding to pedophilia marriage—Islamic necrophilia is traced to the fount of ...
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Political extremists thriving on Europe debt crisis
The Seattle Times
The popularity of European nationalists is growing as politicians such as anti-Islam radical Geert Wilders tap into voter rage over financial woes and the resulting proposals for painful austerity measures. By Anthony Faiola PETER DEJONG / AP Anti-EU ...
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Iran Denounces Florida Pastor Over Koran Burning
New York Times
Mr. Jones, who gained worldwide attention in 2010 when he threatened to burn 200 copies of the Koran but backed off after pleas from world leaders, on Saturday set fire to several copies of the Muslim holy book and an image of the prophet of Islam, ...
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