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Jonah Goldberg | Liberals say Republicans simply have bad brains
Kansas City Star
Over the past decade, a new fad has taken hold among academics and liberal journalists. The gist is this: Conservatives and liberals don't just have different world views or ideas, they have different brains; the right and left are just hard-wired to ...
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Author Jonah Goldberg: Liberals Lie About Ideological Perspective
By Henry J. Reske and John Bachman Liberals from Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama have been lying about their ideological agenda for generations and it's all "a big con," author and editor Jonah Goldberg tells Newsmax.TV. Goldberg explores this idea in ...
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Peace returns to Victoriaville
Victoria Times Colonist
By Monique Muise, Postmedia News May 5, 2012 7:45 PM Hundreds of angry protesters staged a rowdy but peaceful demonstration outside the Quebec Liberal party convention in Victoriaville, Saturday May 5, 2012, the same day that the government reached a ...
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Victoriaville, Que., cleans up after violent student protests
Montreal Gazette
Police officers and Quebec Liberal Party delegates milled around the lobby and parking lot of the Victorin hotel and conference centre as the day dawned bright and clear, while barricades that were toppled the night before were shifted back into place.
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Liberals, take a long look in the mirror
Minneapolis Star Tribune
If only these folks understood political issues better and cared more about their fellow man, they'd be liberals, right? Think again. A growing body of research is shattering this conventional wisdom. Survey data make clear that Republicans, ...
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Tentative deal reached to end Quebec tuition dispute
Riot police stand in a cloud of teargas, protecting a perimeter from riioters as the Quebec Liberal Party is meeting Friday, May 4, 2012 Victoriaville, Quebec. A violent standoff erupted on the streets of a small city where Quebec's governing party was ...
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The length liberals will go: Taking a scythe to the Bill of Rights
As the editors of National Review note, liberals control unions and most of academia and the media. Yet such is their evident lack of confidence in their powers of persuasion they are desperate to control the speech of others.
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A new take on the dead parrot sketch - cartoon
The Guardian
Grass root liberals are calling for Clegg to be removed , Tory's are blaming Lib Dem policies for holding back 'true conservatism' which cost them votes at the hustings. Either way Clegg's finished as is the party under his leadership, ...
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Quebec government offers temporary freeze to end student protests
Winnipeg Free Press
Premier Jean Charest was nonetheless pleased by the possibility of an end to the standoff, which reached an ugly climax with Friday's riot outside a Quebec Liberal Party convention. "Everyone is relieved that at least we're seeing progress,'' he told ...
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Student requires eye surgery after Que. protest
Several hundred students demonstrated outside the provincial Liberal Party's general council meeting in Victoriaville, a small town about 150 kilometres northeast of Montreal, a gathering attended by Premier Jean Charest. At least four police officers ...
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33 Quotes About Conservatives/Republicans That Liberals Should ...
By Stephen D. Foster Jr.
We all know what conservatives/Republicans are like. It's just unfortunate that they don't know it themselves. And if they do, that's just sad. Many things have been said about conservatives, Republicans, and conservatism. Most of it, of course, ...
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