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Liberal powerbroker says Peter Costello remains obsessed with leadership
THE explosion of grudges in the Liberal Party came to a head in a corridor clash today between senior Victorian party figure Michael Kroger and shadow treasurer Joe Hockey. Mr Hockey had been in Melbourne's 3AW offices listening to Mr Kroger repeat ...
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Michael Kroger's feud with former mate Peter Costello goes public
The Australian
I'm at my wits' end with Costello: Kroger FORMER Liberal powerbroker Michael Kroger has publicly attacked former friend Peter Costello, going on the record with his claim the former treasurer wanted a sitting Liberal MP to give him a seat to get back ...
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Is liberalism dead?
Fox News
SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Conservative columnist and author R. Emmett Tyrrell is declaring that liberalism for all intents and purposes is dead. I sat down with him earlier as we discussed this brand new claim and his brand new book.
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NDP, Liberals preview tactics on budget bill
Liberals may try to delete 700 clauses Liberal House leader Marc Garneau said his party could try to stall the bill at the report stage after it has been studied by the finance committee. He pointed out that amendments can be proposed that seek to ...
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Costello, Kroger tension explodes
The Age
Peter Costello "has to move on" from constant criticism of Liberal leaders, says former Victorian Liberal Party leader Michael Kroger. The Victorian Liberal Party exploded in acrimony this morning with former party heavyweight Michael Kroger launching ...
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The Age
Best mate lashes Costello
Brisbane Times
The Victorian Liberal Party exploded in acrimony this morning with former party heavyweight Michael Kroger launching a series of extraordinary broadsides at his ex-best mate Peter Costello. Mr Kroger confirmed Mr Costello had approached him about a ...
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Tarnished jewel in Liberals' crown
The Australian
< Prev of 3 Next > "THERE'S a load of seats up for grabs for the Liberals in Victoria," a Labor strategist says. "Anything under 10 per cent." Maybe. But there's also a load of trouble for Tony Abbott. The state, once known as the jewel in the crown of ...
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Peter Costello in campaign against senior Liberals: Michael Kroger
ABC Online
Download this mp3 file A former Liberal powerbroker has confirmed that Peter Costello asked him to approach sitting Liberal members to give up their seats for the former treasurer. Former Victorian President of the Liberal Party Michael Kroger says ...
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Liberals and Victims Attempt to Squash Naomi Schaefer Riley's Commentary on ...
Sadly, political correctness has crept in, and one view only of Black America is acceptable to liberals. Everyone must ignore root causes of issues. When we discuss a matter such as absent fathers, victims attack and pressure for an apology.
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Federal Liberals' dumb politics
Adelaide Now
Treasurer Wayne Swan explains his budget to journalist at a media conference duirng the "lockup" at Parliament House in Canberra. Picture: Ray Strange Source: The Courier-Mail MORALE in Labor's ranks lifted after the Budget but as Political Editor Mark ...
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Blogs1 new result for Liberals » Blog Archive » Liberals fall for fake 'Women ...
By Cardigan
Earlier this week we posted @ExJon's deliciously creepy spoof of a "Women for Obama" campaign poster. Apparently we were spot-on when we called the Julia-inspired image "eerily accurate," because a couple of liberals responded as if it ...

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Liberals all look alike to them - Hullabaloo
The group could be a major player in the race: They've spent more than $200000 apiece on a number of races, and can claim at least some credit for knocking ...

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