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Conservative Jesus, Liberal Satan, and Middle of the Road Amway
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)
Or just so-called conservative bashing by one of the devil's liberal legions? In order to find plausible answers to these questions and to, perhaps surreptitiously, also discover the God particle from which literature originates, we need to play with ...
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Can Islamists Be Liberals?
New York Times
This question is seldom asked in the West, where democracy is often seen as synonymous with liberalism. However, as Fareed Zakaria warned in his 2003 book "The Future of Freedom," there are illiberal democracies, too, where the majority's power isn't ...
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Liberals held more secret meetings than Tories: analysis
But an analysis of Library of Parliament data for the last decade shows the championship title for secretive committee work actually belongs to former prime minister Paul Martin's Liberals. Harper's Tories aren't even the runners up; that honour goes ...
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Liberals dismiss warnings of Craig Thomson revenge slurs
The Australian
"If Albanese thinks we'll be warned off by these sorts of threats he has picked the wrong issue," a Liberal frontbencher said. "If they want to protect Craig Thomson to that extent it will hang around their neck. These are findings against Mr Thomson ...
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As Greece goes, so goes Canada's Liberal Party?
Globe and Mail
The failure on Sunday evening of efforts to form a coalition government seriously increases the chances that Greece will default, which in a way only makes things worse for Canada's Liberals. It appears certain, now, that the developed world is in the ...
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More secret meetings under Grits than Tories, figures show
The session, which ran from February to May 2004, is notable for being the last time the Liberals held a majority in Parliament. Martin succeeded Jean Chrétien as Grit leader at the end of 2003. He inherited a scathing report from the auditor general ...
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Conservative commentator R. Emmett Tyrrell: Liberalism is dead
Daily Caller
By Jamie Weinstein - The Daily Caller Conservative commentator R. Emmett Tyrrell says liberalism is dead. In fact, it's right in the title of his latest book, "The Death of Liberalism." He wrote the book "because I noted that an ideology that does not ...
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Daily Caller
In Camera Watch: Beyond the topline numbers on Conservative vs. Liberal ... (blog)
The most obvious route would be by checking in with those who were on the Hill at the time -- particularly those who sat across the aisle from the Liberals during the Chretien and Martin majorities. Thus far, I've not heard a single Conservative MP ...
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Liberals shun Green hookup
Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba Liberals don't look to be getting cosy with the Greens any time soon. At their annual general meeting on Saturday, the provincial Liberals rejected a motion that would have seen their board reach out to the Green party to see how the two could ...
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Schmitt: How 'Veep' Misses the Tragedy and Comedy of Liberal Politics
New Republic
They're all liberals, of a certain sensible, NPR-listening type. Meyer's causes are clean energy and biodegradable cafeteria utensils. (In the real world, that's a pet project of Nancy Pelosi.) Early in the first episode, the shark-like communications ...
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New Republic

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The Contradictions of Liberals and Conservatives
By Thomas Storck
Most Americans who are in the slightest degree politically active or interested incline to one of the two chief political positions common in this country, what we call conservatism or liberalism.
The Distributist Review
The PJ Tatler » The New Phrenology: Liberals Peer Inside the ...
By Roger L Simon
The New Phrenology: Liberals Peer Inside the Conservative Brain. Do not miss Andrew Ferguson's droll and brilliant essay "The New Phrenology/How liberal psychopundits understand the conservative brain" at the Weekly Standard. It begins ...
The PJ Tatler
Obama As 'First Gay President,' Shows Truth Means Nothing to ...
By Warner Todd Huston
Obama As 'First Gay President,' Shows Truth Means Nothing to Liberals. Written By : Warner Todd Huston. Symbolism is far, far more important to the childish, silly left in America than truth. Why do I say that? The newest Newsweek cover ...
Right Wing News
A plain blog about politics: Sunday Question for Liberals
By Jonathan Bernstein
Sunday Question for Liberals. How much, if any, does Barack Obama's new position on marriage equality change you view of him? Of his presidency? Bookmark and Share. Posted by Jonathan Bernstein at 1:13 PM ...
A plain blog about politics

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