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Conservatives, Liberals join hands to slap down Mulcair over oilsands attacks
Montreal Gazette
And acting Liberal leader Bob Rae accused the rookie NDP leader of engaging in a double-standard, saying the Montreal MP never would be as dismissive of Premier Jean Charest as he was this week of BC Premier Christy Clark, Alberta Premier Alison ...
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Liberals blocking work of Ornge committee: opposition
TORONTO — The governing Liberals are trying to sweep the Ornge scandal under the rug by blocking a legislative committee from continuing its probe of the province's troubled air ambulance service, the opposition charged Thursday.
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Faith Goldy-Bazos: The Liberals aren't dropping the ball, but passing the baton
National Post
Following the latest Harris Decima survey (which indicated the NDP have 34% of popular support, compared to 30% for the Tories and 20% for Grits), one has to wonder: is ex-Dipper premier, now interim Liberal leader, Bob Rae also in the business of ...
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This liberal Catholic isn't quitting the church
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Photo: Rodrigo Abd, AP Recently, a group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation ran a full-page ad in the Washington Post cast as an "open letter to 'liberal' and 'nominal' Catholics." Its headline commanded: "It's Time to Quit the Catholic Church ...
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Minneapolis Star Tribune
Liberals question if Blaney's new job was vacant
(CBC) The controversial appointment of Margaret-Ann Blaney as head of Efficiency New Brunswick continued to raise eyebrows in the Legislature Thursday when the Liberals questioned whether the job was even vacant. Blaney made the surprise announcement ...
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Switch back to PST lifts political millstone from Liberals' neck
Globe and Mail
The change comes just in time to lift the biggest political millstone hanging around the neck of the BC Liberal government. But with that switch back to the old tax system, British Columbians will have lost two tax advantages that were part of the HST ...
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Globe and Mail
Rolly: Trap set for Utah liberals snares conservatives, too
Salt Lake Tribune
By Paul Rolly The Utah Legislature's frenzied attempts to throttle ballot initiatives have been aimed at citizen groups usually wanting more ethics oversight and accountability of lawmakers. But casting a wide net sometimes creates unintended victims, ...
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Liberal Israel Caught Between a Rock & Hard Place
Yeshiva World News
Interestingly, while some of the liberals are critical of Yishai and the government for "neglecting" the illegals and their families, nothing is heard regarding the illegals that are shot dead at the border by Egyptian security forces, ...
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Yeshiva World News
Liberals red-baiting but NDP leader Adrian Dix isn't biting
The Province
By Michael Smyth, The Province May 17, 2012 Liberal motor-mouth Kevin Krueger may get all the ink these days, but Rich Coleman proved Wednesday he's no slouch himself when it comes to political trash-talking. The issue was the Liberals' decision to ...
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Where Do We Liberals Really Stand When It Comes to Free Speech ...
By Laurie Fendrich
Several commenters have asked Brainstorm bloggers to weigh in on the firing of Naomi Schaefer Riley. My conflicted opinion on the matter kept me silent for a while—perhaps no better than Hamlet's dithering. In any event, with the dust now ...
Will the liberals ever tell us the truth? | Radio Vice Online
By SoundOffSister
Today, Breitbart News released another piece of President Obama's past. Now, let me be absolutely clear. I am not a birther. That is NOT the point of.
Radio Vice Online
Liberals Obstruct Investigation into Cancelled Power Plants | Ontario ...
By Ontario PC Party
Liberal members of the Standing Committee on Estimates are attempting to obstruct a legislative investigation into the abruptly cancelled power plants in...
Ontario PC Party
When Neo-Liberals drop their Mask — Social Europe Journal
By Ronald Janssen
There are those moments when things become very clear. One such moment arrived last week, on the 9 May when the President of the European Commission presented the Commission's statement for Schuman Day also known as Europe ...
Social Europe Journal» Columns

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Liberals Outnumber Conservatives 7-1 As Commencement ...
Young America's Foundation's 19th annual "Commencement Speakers Survey" reveals that 71 liberal speakers—and only ten conservatives—are scheduled to ...
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